Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

Millions of square feet of forest is being destroyed everyday so us humans can build bigger and better homes, so we can have more disposable material things, and so we can basically have whatever we want.

With an instant gratification mindset, it is not surprising to see the destruction that is being caused to the environment due to the greed of man. With forests, important habitats and sanctuaries for endangered species are being destroyed day in and day out to accommodate a growing human population.

This has however, more positively, led to more and more people thinking about becoming more eco-friendly in order to save what little of this planet we have left. Therefore, they have resorted to incorporating more environmentally-friendly with their lifestyles. This has also extended into the construction and maintenance of homes. Architects and interred designers alike have moved towards using more environmentally-friendly materials in their designs and efforts. The use of solar panels to use solar energy is also a very popular feature nowadays.

If you yourself are looking to create an eco-friendly home, then the following tips will help you to do so.

Recycled materials

Technological advancement has now made it possible for recycled materials to be used in construction. In fact, recycled concrete is also now just entering the market as an innovative way in which to turn rubble from demolished buildings to A-grade concrete mixtures for new constructions. This concrete is just as strong and long-lasting as the virgin concrete.

Furthermore, the use of reclaimed wood and fixtures mean that you can add a unique touch to your home while contributing to the environmentally-friendly process of recycling. Reclaimed wood itself is becoming a very fashionable material to use in constructing homes.

Open floor plan

Having an open floor plan home means less walls, less lighting fixtures, and less need to use separate air-condition or heating units in the home. If partitioning is needed, then using strategically placed furniture or perfect outdoor furniture can perform this function.

Furthermore, introducing large windows and French doors into your home will allow you to use as much natural light as possible throughout the day, so that less electricity is used to light up the home. 

Using cooling colours such as white for the walls, and using tiling such as terracotta, will keep your home cool in the summer months with minimal need to use your air-conditioning.

Choosing furniture

Pedrali Hong Kong is made using textiles and therefore can be made using repurposed and recycled fabrics. You can use such furniture or partitions to create a feature for your home while staying within the eco-friendly limits you have put for your home.

Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. With planning, foresight, and an eye for detail, it can be achieved quite easily and with minimum impact on your wallet.