10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

You are of course extremely excited since the day you set the date for your wedding, but are you ready for it? You’ve got so much to do and it can get overwhelming. In the process, it is natural to do a few mistakes. So here is a list of the most common wedding planning mistakes you need to avoid.


Taking decisions before finalizing the guest list

You have the perfect place in mind for your wedding and about to book it? Well, stop and think again. To have to make sure your guest list finalized since the last thing you need is to book a small barn for 50 people but then your mother-in-law adds another 100 to it. So, talk to your fiancé and in-laws and finalize the guest before doing anything since the number of people carries the big bucks such as the payment to the venue and catering. You can hire an show production company HK so that you know exactly what needs to be done.


Reading bridal magazines aloud to your fiancé

Most guys don’t really mind anything as long as you like it, however their opinion of course matters to you. So, you’d read out all your ideas to him but it might not be doing him any good. There’s only so much that he can take in so do not nag him every time you see him. Rather, sit down one night and discuss all aspects once and for all. It would be easier for both of you.


Freaking out because someone else has your gown

Wedding gowns are usually personalized so when you see someone else wearing the same, well you’d have a slight panic attack. You can easily make it different by adding a brooch, sash or some embroidery work. There absolutely no need to panic.


Doing it all yourself

A wedding is a massive project and hence it cannot be done alone. You should get some support from your family and friends. You can even hire an event planner to organize the entire event. They have better experience and expertise in the field so you can expect quality wok.


Trying to lose too much weight

The most common mistake brides do is buying a wedding gown even when it doesn’t fit. You’d buy it about two sizes smaller simply because the store didn’t have your size but nevertheless you love its design. However, you have to understand that losing weight fast is not easy. Well of course eating a healthy diet and exercising would be good for anyone, but miracles rarely happen. So buy the dress for your current size.