Things To Consider When Designing A House

First problem we all have is that when we get idea of building a house we want to have the design done in one night itself. Trust me it only needs to a bad design. A good design takes a few days after careful thought and planning.

Planning your house on your own is alright but you will have to sit with a residential architect to see if that plan is executable. Visit this link for more info on residential architect in Sydney.

New home architects are friendly and understanding when you come up with ideas & a plan itself so there is nothing to worry about taking your to them.

Bedrooms – Deciding the number of bedrooms can be tricky. Let’s say you decide to have the number of bed rooms based on the family size and number of people living in the house. A couple will only need one bedroom. What if they have kids and the kids grow up? The kids will need a separate room to sleep in. You need be thoughtful when deciding because a house design should always be a long term thing.

Land size – The size of the land plays a big role in your design. You can’t have a big bed room in your design your land is small then your living and kitchen will be small. You need plan the sizes of each room accordingly. A small land will do best if you have two floors.

When deciding on the plan you will need to imagine on how your house furniture is going to sit on the floor. Measure the furniture sizes if possible and the room size and plan your room. Many times after the living room is build many aren’t happy with the size of the room because instead putting the entire furniture only one couch can be put due to the small size of the room and large size of the couch.

Kitchen – Deciding where the kitchen is also important. You will want the kitchen to be close to the dining table and close to a door that goes out. When you come with your groceries it will be easier to carry all the stuff in to the kitchen. Designing the kitchen can be tricky. It has be spaces and also be able to have all the needed supplies a kitchen has to have.

Designing a house will in the end come down your likes and your family’s requirements. You might want a traditional old style house or maybe even a modern one. Sometimes you might want to copy the same design of the house of your neighbor or relative. The interior design and external design both need to match as well. Get all these sorted by having a proper discussion of your team of builders, architect and most importantly family.

Starting An Art Gallery Café Of Your Own

If you have always wanted to start up a café of your own, you might want to consider starting up an art gallery café which not only sell food and drinks to people will while they relax, but they will also be able to enjoy and take in some amazing artwork.

Original artwork and classics

When you start your art gallery café, you will need to make a decision about what kind of art you will have displayed. You can choose to do one of two things. You can either display famous pieces of art such as find indigenous art for sale or buy it for your gallery or you can choose to display local budding artists in order to give them exposure.

You may even find indigenous art for sale and try to resell it in your café to art collectors who stop by for a coffee or a snack. If you are going to display art work by local artists, you can sell it at a slightly higher price than the asking price where you will have a small margin for displaying the art at your venue.

You can choose to have a very artistic interior décor to go with your art gallery theme where you will attract artsy, creative people to your restaurant and café. In fact, you can even have one of your own artists come in and decorate your store for you which will save you a lot of money and also give the artist a lot of exposure because when customers ask about your cafes décor, you will be able to speak to them about the artist.

Security of the work

If you are going to by classic pieces for resale, you have to keep in mind that the value of these pieces will be quite high and therefore there is a big chance of burglary in your premises. With artwork, burglary can happen in two ways. The first is where the artwork is stolen out right where you will notice it missing immediately and alert the police or by the burglar replacing the original with a duplicate when you are not look which means you may not find out that your artwork has been stolen for many months. You may even end up selling the artwork to a collector only to find out from the collector and his lawyers that you have sold a duplicate however, you will never be able to prove when the original and the duplicate were switched and therefore you will have to bear the cost.